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The World's Most Diverse Payment System

XRPayNet is redefining the industry standard for financial transactions. We will facilitate the conversion of consumer crypto payments made to businesses into their preferred conventional currency. We will do so through our card and mobile application, allowing businesses to continue using their existing processing systems, making the Crypto to Fiat payment process seamless.


300 million people hold and own cryptocurrencies, yet they virtually have nowhere to spend it.

Cryptocurrencies are accepted by less than 0.001% of companies throughout the world.

Businesses are skeptical to accept cryptocurrency payments because of its potential volatility.


XRPayNet is going to bridge the gap between the spending demand of crypto holders and businesses accepting crypto globally.

Card and mobile App payments
will be made to retailers with
crypto with settlements in
Every business will receive
settlement in their standard fiat
currency as the consumer spends
their crypto – all in one

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The Crypto card that allows consumers to spend cryptocurrency in stores and online, while the business will receive traditional Fiat Currency. Seamlessly. All in one Transaction.
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XRPayNet Mobile App

Buy, Sell, Store, Track and Spend With Freedom

Built on the XRP Ledger

We Believe In A Sustainable Future

XRPayNet is proud to be a part of the XRPL, which has demonstrated to be the most scalable and ecological blockchain built to date.


90 000+ Trading Pairs.

Borderless. Permissionless. Dominant.

Powered by XRPayNet

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Market Validation

$2.5 Billion was spent by consumers on pre-paid crypto cards in 3 months from the end of 2021-start of 2022.

No top-ups, no pre-exchanges from crypto to fiat visa process $11 trillion of non crypto related transactions per year meaning that the crypto spending consumers do not have the right market conditions to fulfil the needs of them and the retailers.

Our all in one solution is the next generation XRPayNet crypto card in connection to our mobile app.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Buy Now. Pay Later.
With Crypto.

 XRPayNet will be the first to offer ‘BNPL’, one of the fastest growing payment methods with Cryptocurrency.

Spend less time worrying and more time enjoying.
Supporting the XRP Ledger

Validator Node

Along with the well-known Ripple, we own and run one of only 145 network validating nodes in the world.

Read Our Whitepaper

Our whitepaper is a comprehensive document that explains our philosophy and it will help readers understand current difficulties as well as our clear solution to complex problems.

Offering Solutions For All Customers Worldwide.

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