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Frequent Traveller? Here’s Why You’ll Love Crypto Cards

Are you fuelled by wanderlust, jumping from country to country in search of your next adventure? Then chances are you could enjoy some amazing benefits from a crypto card.

Here we’ll go over the advantages you can enjoy with one of these cards. So whether you’re always jetting off somewhere new or you like to get away every once in a while, here’s how a crypto card could come in handy.

What Is A Crypto Card?

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what crypto cards are, for those who don’t yet know. So essentially, these are physical cards similar in nature to the credit or debit cards you’re already familiar with. 

However, unlike our regular cards that are linked to our bank accounts, crypto cards are connected to your cryptocurrency assets. This allows you to use your Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital currencies for everyday purchases.

One of the main drawbacks of crypto in the past was the cumbersome nature of transactions. If you wanted to spend money or make a transfer, you’d need to wait for the transaction to be confirmed, which could take quite a while. You were also limited in how you could spend your assets.

But crypto cards have changed all that, meaning you can now spend your cryptocurrency assets with the swipe of your card. So that means no hassle, no time-consuming processes and no centralised banking system facilitating your payment – just a quick, convenient transaction that puts you in control of your spending and finances.

How Do Crypto Cards Work?

So now we’ve got a basic understanding of crypto cards and their potential before we delve into their benefits for travellers, let’s see how they work.

Crypto cards operate on a simple yet ingenious mechanism that simply converts your chosen cryptocurrency into fiat currency. 

As you may or may not know, some cryptocurrencies may fluctuate wildly. However, your crypto card will use real-time rates to calculate the exact conversion at the point of sale.

This instant crypto conversion allows for simple and seamless transactions, ensuring you get the right value and allowing you to pay for your morning coffee or online purchase just like you would with a conventional card.

Save Money 

When using your traditional bank card abroad, you’ll be subjected to all sorts of fees and conversion charges. While you may not notice these as your bank won’t be busting a gut to advertise the amount it’s charging you, if you’re not careful these can really start to add up.

What’s great about crypto cards is they allow you to avoid much of these charges. All you’ll pay is a small conversion fee, so whether it’s tours, tickets or trips to the bar you’re paying for, you should make plenty of savings while you’re away.

ATM Access

In this day and age, many of us rely on mobile payments. However, the absence of a physical card can make it difficult to obtain cash, which may prove to be an issue depending on where in the world you are.

In some destinations, you might be fine with just digital payments, but some places are still very cash-orientated. So if you’re travelling to one of these countries then it’s a good idea to have a card on you.

A crypto card makes it easy to get cash from an ATM. you’ll pop the card into the machine like you would your bank card, but instead of taking funds from your bank account, it’ll use your crypto instead. 

Security and Control

As well as their undeniable convenience, crypto cards also provide an extra layer of security for travellers. 

By utilising blockchain technology and encryption methods, these cards offer enhanced protection against fraud and unauthorised transactions. 

Additionally, users have greater control over their funds, with the ability to monitor transactions in real-time through mobile apps, which adds peace of mind and allows you to get on with enjoying your holiday!

Cross-Border Transactions

Last but not least, crypto cards eliminate the need for carrying multiple currencies or dealing with the hassle of exchanging money at unfamiliar locations. 

With just one card, you can seamlessly conduct cross-border transactions, enjoying the convenience of spending in any supported currency without having to do multiple exchanges.

So those are the main benefits of crypto cards for travellers. If you’re a frequent jet-setter who likes to get away quite a bit, then you can definitely benefit from the perks these cards offer. 

If you’re in search of a reputable crypto card provider then the Volta App, powered by XRPayNet, should be just what you’re looking for!

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