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Why Crypto Cards May Be About To Revolutionise Payments

The banking cartels have long had control of our finances, acting as intermediaries in every transaction, and taking a small piece of the pie in the process. But crypto cards are here to change all that, and these innovative payment cards may be about to revolutionise the way we all deal with payments.

Here we’ll be discussing precisely how, explaining the benefits of crypto cards and how they can help you make cheaper, faster and more convenient payments. 

What Are Crypto Cards?

Before we go over the numerous ways crypto cards could shape the future of payments, let’s touch on precisely what they are, just for anyone who’s slightly unsure.

Crypto cards are much like regular bank cards and they can be used to pay for goods and services. The only difference with them is, rather than being linked to your bank account, they’re linked to your crypto wallet. 

When a transaction is made, the crypto is converted into fiat currency at the point of service. So even though you’ve paid in crypto, the business you’re paying still receives their usual currency.

In the past, one major drawback of crypto was the difficulty holders had in spending it. These assets were viewed primarily as something to invest in, rather than a currency for making everyday purchases.

But all that has changed since the arrival of crypto cards, which means you can now use your crypto to pay for your morning coffee, make ATM withdrawals and spend with any retailer that accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Greater Autonomy:

Traditional banking systems have long held a monopoly over all of our transactions, exerting control over individuals’ funds and reaping financial rewards by imposing various fees and restrictions. 

Crypto cards offer a refreshing alternative to this status quo by providing users with greater autonomy over their own finances. By cutting out banks as intermediaries, crypto card holders can bypass all this and enjoy direct access to their funds. 

This newfound independence empowers individuals to manage their money on their own terms, free from the traditional constraints imposed by traditional financial institutions.

Reduced Fees For Overseas Payments: 

For frequent travellers and businesses that engage in plenty of international transactions, traditional payment methods can be costly and inefficiently slow. 

Conventional banks often impose hefty fees and exchange rates on overseas payments, eating into the funds of both individuals and businesses alike. Thankfully, crypto cards are here to change all that by facilitating seamless cross-border transactions at a fraction of the cost. 

By leveraging blockchain technology, crypto cards enable users to make cross-border payments quickly and affordably, without being subject to eye-watering fees or currency conversion charges.

Potential For Sizeable Returns: 

With the meteoric rise of crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, investors are increasingly turning to digital currencies as a lucrative investment opportunity. 

Crypto cards provide holders with a convenient means of accessing and utilising their crypto assets for everyday transactions. By linking their crypto wallets to their cards, users can seamlessly convert digital currencies into fiat currencies at point-of-sale terminals, allowing for frictionless spending in real-world scenarios. 

Moreover, as the value of crypto assets continues to soar, crypto card holders stand to reap significant returns on their investments – far higher than interest rates offered by banks – which further incentivises their usage.

Rapid Transactions

One of the standout advantages of crypto cards is the promise of instant transaction.

Whereas traditional bank transfers, especially international ones, can take days to clear due to the involvement of multiple intermediaries and the operational hours of financial institutions, this isn’t the case with crypto payments or transfers.

That’s because crypto is not bound by these limitations. These payments can occur 24/7, without the need for a central clearing authority. 

This capability ensures that users of crypto cards can enjoy immediate access to their funds, whether they are making a purchase, paying a bill or transferring money across borders, all of which creates a more fluid and efficient financial system.

Rewards And Incentives

Crypto cards and payments are often incentivised with a rewards system that traditional credit or debit cards can’t easily match. Users may earn cashback in cryptocurrency for every transaction made, which could potentially increase in value, unlike static points or miles. 

Enhanced Security And Privacy: 

In an age of increasing cybersecurity threats and data breaches, security and privacy have become serious concerns for both individuals and businesses alike. 

Crypto cards offer a safe and secure solution to these challenges by leveraging cutting-edge encryption technology and decentralised networks. 

Unlike traditional banking systems, which rely on centralised servers that are vulnerable to hacking and exploitation, crypto cards operate on blockchain networks, which are inherently resistant to tampering and fraud. 

By storing funds securely in encrypted digital wallets, crypto card holders can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their assets are protected against bad actors looking to exploit any weaknesses.

So those are the main benefits of crypto cards and why we think they could change the whole payments landscape in the next few years. Whether you’re a frequent jet-setter, business owner or you just like to make quick and simple payments, you could really benefit from a crypto card.

If you’re in search of a reputable crypto card provider then the Volta App, powered by XRPayNet, should be just what you’re looking for!

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